Current Specials

Pork Loin Steaks $12.99/kg*
Pork Shoulder Chops $6.99/kg*
Traditional Bacon Bits $5.00 per 500g pack*
*Min 2kg buy for each item, supplied frozen




Simply type and submit your order here and select the pick-up point closest to you. If there isn’t a pick-up point listed for your area yet, please select OTHER, tell us your location, and we can discuss delivery options with you.

Once your order is received, we will send you a confirmation email for your peace of mind.
On Tuesdays we cut, pack and weigh your order, send you an invoice with payment options and confirm your pick-up location and time.
Then on Wednesday, we get to meet up with you to personally deliver your porky goodness. It’s that easy.

Whole Body and Sides of Pork orders are readily available. Price will reflect what cuts you require and how it needs to be processed. Prices on application. Please send us an order message so we can discuss your requirements.

¼ Pig Packs are fantastic value for families or anyone who wants to take advantage of ‘filling their freezer’. These packs include approx 10+ kg of meat consisting of a mix of boneless, rolled & pre-scored roasts, loin chops, various steaks, ribs, mince & traditional smoked ham. The contents of your pack is all vac packed into individual meal portions, labelled & snap frozen to seal in the freshness. Simply take out what you need and defrost before cooking! Easy & convenient.

The Traditional Bacon Lovers Box is exactly that, a box for BACON LOVERS. These comprise of a total weight of approx. 6kg consisting of 3kg of Traditional Smoked Bacon, 2kg of Traditional Smoked Sliced Ham & 1kg of Traditional Smoked Course Minced Bacon Bits. All vac packed into meal portions & snap frozen to seal in freshness.

The Himalayan Salt Cured Bacon Lovers Box. Exactly the same contents and quantities as the Traditional Box, however, all contents are salt cured using nothing but pure Himalayan Salt. Rhodavale Himalayan Salt Cured Bacon & Ham contains no added sugar, no chemical preservatives, no chemical nitrates, no nasties! The perfect choice for the healthy bacon lover.

We now sell spit and suckling pigs both direct to the public and for food service.

Current Price List

¼ Pig Pack
10+ kg total weight
$150.00 ea
Bacon Lovers Box – Traditional$120.00 ea
Bacon Lovers Box – Himalayan Salt Cured$140.00 ea
Traditional Smoked Sliced Ham$22.99/kg
Himalayan Salt Cured Sliced Ham$24.99/kg
Traditional Smoked Bacon$22.99/kg
Traditional Smoked Brekky Bacon$20.99/kg
Traditional Coarse Ground Smoked Bacon Bits$19.99/kg
Himalayan Salt Cured Bacon$24.99/kg
Himalayan Salt Cured Coarse Ground Bacon Bits$21.99/kg
Traditional Pickled Pork$12.99/kg
Leg Roast (Boneless, Rolled & Scored)$14.99/kg
Shoulder Roast (Boneless, Rolled & Scored)$16.99/kg
Loin Roast (Boneless, Rolled, Scored & Unstuffed)$30.99/kg
Spare Ribs (boneless)$28.99/kg
US Ribs$14.99/kg
Loin Chops$19.99/kg
Scotch Steak$19.99/kg
Gourmet Sausages - Pork & Apple$18.99/kg
Gourmet Sausages – Pork, Fennel & Garlic$18.99/kg
Pork Cheek$10.99/kg
Bacon Hock$10.99/kg


  • Gympie
  • Cooroy
  • Noosa
  • Coolum
  • Buderim
  • Forest Glen
  • Palmwoods
  • Mary Valley
  • Other, please specify your location.

If there isn’t a pick-up point listed for your area yet, please type OTHER and specify your location so we can discuss delivery options with you.


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