Team Rhodavale Pork consists of little more than a young farming family simply ‘having a go’…

Brad & Melinda Murnane, along with their four children, Riley, Dillon, Travis & Charlotte proudly own and operate their first generation farm at Lower Wonga, near Gympie, on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Both coming from generations of long standing, local farming families, Brad & Melinda have a wealth of knowledge in the agricultural sector.

Originally in Lucerne production & the Stud Cattle game, Brad made no secret of his passion for the humble pig! Melinda on the other hand, couldn’t be convinced that pig farming, on any level, was a good idea…

That was, until in 2009, Brad payed his cards to his advantage and took the then ‘soon expecting second baby’ Melinda to a local piggery and presented her with a day old piglet to swoon over, and swoon she did.

So, that was that… Brad purchased 1 boar & a small handful of sows within the week, and the Rhodavale story began…

Fast forward 8 years, a whole bunch of ups and downs, stops & starts, trials & tribulations, bureaucracy & red tape, an awful lot of blood, sweat & tears and not to mention substantial financial commitment, and we arrive to present day.

Now, with over 800 head of pigs and a newly opened on farm butcher shop, Rhodavale Pork does not only process & direct sell their own product on a retail and wholesale level, but also supplies whole carcasses weekly, to numerous butcher shops from as far north as Bundaberg through to the Gold Coast in the South and everywhere in between.

While Brad prefers to spend his time in the paddock, Melinda has taken her role as a mother of four and farmer to a somewhat different level. Melinda takes much pride in running the on farm butcher shop, marketing the business, bookkeeping, delivery truck driving & everything in between. She is also a keen advocate of the local food movement, ethical meat production, sustainable farming & is involved in many local groups pertaining to such.

In recent times Rhodavale Pork was awarded state finalists in the 2015 Delicious. Produce Awards and has seen their product used at the 2014 G20 in Brisbane and in many cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs locally and around the coast.

The small, local, family business that once was a hobby, has evolved into to a fully-fledged commercial enterprise & Brad & Melinda couldn’t be prouder of their achievements.

Pork Chop


Brad and Melinda Murnane
Location: Gympie Region QLD 4570
Mobile: 0409 234 790

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

ABN: 93 288 241 443


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