Pastured pork is the taste sensation that is, GOOD FOR YOU. Rhodavale Pork is bursting with natural flavour, is nutrient dense, moist & full of good omega 3 fatty acid. But it’s not just its taste that makes it so good… At Rhodavale, pork is produced utilizing sustainable & regenerative farming methods, so as not to harm or degrade the environment, but to improve it, and leave it in better condition than it was before.

Unlike conventional pork production, Rhodavale pigs live outside in the grass, dirt and mud doing only what a pig does best, while still enjoying the safety, comfort and protection from predators, disease & the elements. Raised completely hormone and antibiotic free, life as a pig at Rhodavale is something a little bit special and results in a product that is second to none, ethical and the healthiest meat quality possible.

Buying direct from the farmer means you are not only supporting a young, local family, but you are supporting the ethical production of pork in Australia and environmentally friendly farming methods. So get some Rhodavale Pork on your fork because ‘happy pigs taste AMAZING.’

Rhodavale Pork is a certified free range, pastured pork pig farm located near Gympie, Queensland, that provides excellent quality pork products DIRECT FROM THE FARMER,  providing the ultimate PADDOCK TO PLATE experience to the people of the Sunshine, Cooloola and Fraser Coasts, Hinterland, Brisbane & beyond.

The local family owned & operated farming business not only breeds, grows & finishes all of their animals, but also processes them in their newly opened on farm butcher shop, offering farmer direct sales on both a retail & wholesale levels.


Pork Chop


Brad and Melinda Murnane
Location: Gympie Region QLD 4570
Mobile: 0409 234 790

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

ABN: 93 288 241 443


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